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Hi I'm Ashley! I'm a cosplay photographer from Northern Virginia. *****Welcome to my small corner of the internet*****

Q: How do you book a shoot with a big name cosplayer?

A. I’m assuming that this question was asked in reference to a free shoot. If it were a paid shoot, I accept any serious booking inquiry. So if a “big name” cosplayer contacted me looking to book me, then I’d gladly accept and run them through my process just as I would with anyone.

So my answer from the free photoshoot side is, just ask. You won’t ever be able to do something without trying. Many would be surprised at how easy it is to get a shoot with someone just by presenting your interest in a professional manner. Make sure when you ask to schedule a shoot that you give a link to your work. So even they can’t schedule something with you, they know where they can find you and your work to get an idea of who you are and your shooting style

However, there is the high possibility that your messages may not be answered due to the high volume of fan mail some cosplayers get, their busy work schedules, and just every day life. Remember that not everyone has the time or desire to be at their computer all the time. So, I think its much more effective to ask for a shoot when you are actually at a con. 

If you can find the cosplayer you want to shoot at their booth, or find them on the show floor, introduce yourself and as to do a quick shoot. Remember time is very valuable and some cosplayers are there to do work on behalf of other companies. Their schedules may not alot you much time. So if they decline, its very possible that the reason is they just don’t have the time. Still, thank them and remember to always have business cards handy! Business cards are great for remembering someone you met when you’re meeting so many in the weekend. Also, you can display an example of your work if they are not familiar with your photos.

If you get a no either online, or in person, try your best not to take it personally. There are many many many reasons why they might not have wanted to do the shoot. I don’t think any of those reasons should matter much to you. There is always someone else you could be working with and who knows, the opportunity to shoot them may arise again later with better results.

AshB <3